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Acharavi Holidays

Acharavi lies on the northern seashore of Corfu that is just 40 km far from the Corfu Town and you will find it an outstanding and lovely holiday destination. It is a family resort and that is set quite near the beach and it has sandy beaches along with shingle. It boasts of numerous restaurants, shops, bars and other beach gifts shops that offer you all required items. It is also a famous tourist destination for the British people who are in need of sun and fun days.

Famous Acharavi Holidays Attraction

Acharavi is a famous holiday spot for British holidaymakers and thus, they like to visit the place whenever they get chance. It has its own airport that is the big assistance for those who want to visit the resort on weekends. The green and big mountains along with charming villages are what make the resort lovely and eye-catching. The water sports including shallow water, jet skiing and Para-sailing are the fun activities that attract the visitors very much.

Weather in Acharavi

The Holiday season starts in Acharavi from Easter and ends in October. Tourists like to visit the resort during summer season when the temperature doesn’t go beyond 30 degree Celsius that is good enough to enjoy water activities at beaches.

Top Acharavi Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Acharavi claims to have lovely beaches that can make anyone crazy for them. You will also feel great when you come to the resort on a family tour. There can be found several awesome hotel options and these hotels include Acharavi Beach Hotel, Niki, Almyros Villas Resort, Corfu Garden Village and Corifo Village Hotel and many more. You will find these hotels jam-packed with required facilities.

Shopping Places for Acharavi Holidays Travelers

Acharavi has unique shopping options for people where they can find a wide range of goods. There can also be found some special kinds of crafts and other gift items that you can keep as the reminder of the place. Jewelers in Corfu are noted for their creativity of silver and gold ornaments and other fine items.

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