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Afitos Holidays

Afitos is situated on the northeastern side of the Kassandra cape in Chalkidiki. It is beautiful and eye-catching traditional seashore tourist destination that attracts a big number of tourists per year. Visitors can also swim at its golden sandy beaches that have nice seashores and lovely landscapes. The beach of Afitos offers numerous lovely sceneries for the visitors that can catch the attention of everyone. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes as well that have made it a family and fun resort.

Famous Afitos Holidays Attraction

The land of Afitos has several unique attractions that will make your holidays outstanding. The attraction of the resort lies in the fact that it is situated on a rock ad thus, you can view the lovely scenes from there. It has been famous with an ancient name of ‘Athitos’ that indirectly means plenty of plants. The superb sea, historical buildings, natural beauty, ancient millstone quarries are the top-notch attractions for its tourists. You will enjoy these attractions very much.

Weather in Afitos

Afitos has been endowed with a lovely weather that is cool due to Mediterranean Sea’s climate. It gains proper sunrays that will make your holidays amazing. You can visit the resort during summer season while winter season is also open to visitors.

Top Afitos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Afitos has the most amazing sight of its awe-inspiring beaches that are covered with native pine trees. These beaches offer outstanding holiday entertainment along with water sports. Well, the resort of Afitos has plenty of hotels that offer all essential and worldwide facilities. Afitos Hotel is one the most sought after hotel that offers all amenities to its visitors. Some other hotels include Petrino Suites Hotel, Blue Bay hotel, Nostos Hotel, Stamos Hotel and the list continues.

Shopping Places in Afitos     

Afitos is a worthwhile place for those who want to explore fun through shopping here. Here are several small shops that offer local items, as well as holiday essentials. You can also buy some leather goods, handmade items and others to carry them with you to keep them as reminder of the resort.

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