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Agia Efimia Holidays

Agia Efimia is a small and old-fashioned charming town and it is enough popular with lots of boats and it is a famous resort for tourists. It’s located on the east-coast of Kefalonia Islet and it is gaining popularity as special tourist destination. It is covered by hills to the north, west and south as well that form the Pyllaros Valley. Agia Efimia is located in the core of the islet of Kefalonia and thus, it looks like a wonderful exploring place to enjoy holidays.

Famous Agia Efimia Holidays Attraction

Agia Efimia is well known for its eye-catching and nice natural panorama that will catch your attention with ease. It is surrounded by several small and peaceful villages that are quite beautiful and unexposed. The nightlife, et cetera make the resort totally busy and you will enjoy these things as per your choice. Apart from these things, its lovely beaches have made the resort popular in the whole world and this is the main reason that is making it more and more popular.

Weather in Agia Efimia

People like to visit any resort in comfortable weather and Agia Efimia offers lovely weather in the whole year. The annual weather moves round between twenty and thirty degree Celsius that makes the resort lovely and enjoyable.

Top Agia Efimia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Agia Efimia enjoys beautiful and filthy beaches where you can view the crystal-clear water to explore fun at its lovely beaches. Well, accommodation in Agia Efimia is also worthwhile and you can stay at good hotels of your choice. The popular hotels in the resort are Boulevard Panorama Suites, The Seasons of Nickolas, StarVillas and many more.

Shopping Places for Agia Efimia Holidays Travelers
 Being a little and lovely resort, Agia Efimia doesn’t support bug shopping opportunities and thus, you can buy here lots of things of your passion. You can easily find here shops filled with leather goods, handmade items, souvenir and other gift goods. The resort is surrounded by small shops that offer you items to enjoy shopping here. Enjoy holidays in Agia Efimia!

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