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Agios loannis Holidays

Agios loannis is known as one of the most gorgeous beaches on Mykonos and it lies around a bay covered by dried up hills. It is a purpose built resort that is made up of lengthy widen of sand sprinkled with tiny inlets. Agios Ioannis watches out crosswise the ocean to the holy atoll of Delos that is one of the most vital historical and archaeological sites in Greece. If you are in need of summer sun, a yielding sandy beach and crystal-clear blue water of the sea, you can go to Agios loannis.

Famous Agios loannis Holidays Attraction

Located on the southwest seashore of the islet, Agios loannis has plenty of attraction points for you. It has a wonderful and lovely beach and crystal clear water that will quickly remove your tiredness. The outlook from the seashore is of the spiritual atoll of Delos that looks mainly remarkable at sunset. It provides tourists with amazing summer sunshine, sandy beaches and a striking option of water sports.

Weather in Agios loannis

The weather of Agios loannis is comfortable and you will enjoy perfect holidays. The atoll can be moderately breezy at this time and it has a tempering upshot on the heat. Plan your holidays in winter season and it will be amazing.

Top Agios loannis Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Agios loannis has a pleasant beach that offers plenty of water sports and other activities. The resort is worthwhile in matter of lovely seashore and apart from this; the lovely town has numerous hotels as well. The most famous hotels include Saint John Hotel Villas and Spa, Bellissimo Studios, Aqualand Village Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Agios loannis Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Agios loannis is not frequently found in the resort of Agios loannis. At small supermarkets and souvenir shops, you can avail numerous items that will take care of your needs in a better way. Trendy mementos include intensely colored stoneware, embroidered linens, fur goods and soaps made from olive oil. Don’t miss shopping here!

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