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Alykes Holidays

Alykes is not a developed beach resort; however it is preferred by those who are looking for amazing and different kind of enjoyment during their holidays. If you are also in search of perfect and ideal holiday destination, Alykes is the best place for you where you can go to explore fun in a different way. Now, it is trying to gain the attention of visitors with its natural landscapes and man-made buildings. It is enough silent resort like Tsilivi and Laganas and it will entertain you in a better way.

Famous Alykes Holidays Attraction

Alykes boasts lovely sandy beaches that are outstanding not only for the adults but for the children. Here, the children will find several chances to enjoy rocking water sports and thus, it is the perfect tourist destination. If you want, you can also enjoy paragliding and jetskis as well that are the major attraction of the resort. Alykes is a perfect beach resort for the families and newly married couples as well.

Weather in Alykes

When you are planning a holiday tour to Alykes, you are free from the bound of weather. It has lovely and nice weather all round year that is a good sign for those who want to visit the resort in silent or off days. The resort enjoys three kinds of weather including summer, winter as well as rare rainy season.

Top Alykes Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The pleasing beach is the leading attraction of Alykes that allows you rock the world of fun. Here, you will also find a wide range of villas, hotels and resort to stay in them. Most of the hotels offer awesome facilities and the most popular hotels in Alykes are Potamitis Studios, Sea View Hotel, Ionian Star Hotel, Maria Apartments and many other accommodation options.

Shopping Places for Alykes Holidays Travelers

Whether you are looking for local items or brand goods, you will find worth shops and supermarkets in Alykes to quench your thirst of shopping. The municipality of Alykes has numerous different shops for you where you can buy lots of items. Enjoy wonderful holidays!

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