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Arillas Holidays

Arillas is situated on the north-west part of Corfu islet and it is one of the most favorite holiday spots for the silent holidaymakers. It is an ideal place for families and honeymoon couples as well as there are many more water sports that will please your children. If you want to enjoy your vacation far from the noise of the cities and in the lap of nature, you can think about the resort of Arillas that is just waiting for you.

Famous Arillas Holidays Attraction

Since Arillas lies in the centre of St. George and St. Stefanos and thus, it enjoys its important position that makes it really famous for vacation. The natural landscapes are the pleasing attractions that will relax your mind and body as well. The friendly weather, eye-catching renowned sunsets, the superb sceneries, and the Corfiot colors will force you revisit the resort to enjoy here outstanding holidays.

Weather in Arillas

The weather in Arillas is considered as pleasant. It is quite windy and you will find it a worthwhile place to rock the world of enjoyment. You will find it a nice spot that lets you relax your mind and body in a civilized temperature. The temperature is enough calm and suitable for you.

Top Arillas Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Since Arillas was purposely built for holidays, it has all the facilities that you want to see in an outstanding vacation spot. It has a big and sandy beach that lets you enjoy the world of fun. Arillas also boasts several hotels that offer numerous facilities for you. These famous hotels can be included as Thetis Hotel, Orizon and Alexis Zorbas Center and many more.

Shopping Places for Arillas Holidays Travelers

Arillas is a worthwhile place where you can buy everything regarding holiday essentials and other items. It is the place where you can buy jewellery, gift items and other things to make your vacation worthwhile. Just plan a tour to Arillas and enjoy it as per your wishes!

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