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Gambia is a small country in West Africa and it is worldwide famous as a tourist destination. It has plenty of tourist cities where you can spend few splendid days. Banjul is the capital of Gambia and it is a famous and sightseeing spot in Gambia. The city has a big architectural entrance gate that attracts the visitors very much. The city of Banjul was established as a trading place by the British. There is also an international airport in Banjul and you won’t face any hassle in reaching the city. The city is located on an island where you can find the glimpses of various African cultures. In this form, the city is called as the melting pot of Africa!

Famous Banjul Holidays Attraction

Well, when you visit Banjul, you will enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of the city that is a hive of action. You can visit the arch gate, which is the brilliant monument that lets you enter the city. The visitors must visit the Gambia National Park in Banjul that speaks the saga of contribution of the country to the whole African continent. Another famous sightseeing attraction in the city is the Katchikally Crocodile Pool that is located in Bakau, just close by Banjul. You can see the crocodiles in their normal activities. Though crocodile don’t attack on the people, however it is better to keep distance from them for your safe journey!

TopBanjulHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

The city of Banjul offers a lot of attractive and worth hotels for its guests. Summer Grove Villa, Atlantic Hotel, Kombo Beach Hotel and Palm Grove Hotel are some of the famous hotels of the city. Visitors can also enjoy the water activities near the Atlantic Beach that is the attractive point of the city.

Weather in Banjul

The weather of the city of Banjul is hot throughout the year due to the country’s position. However, the evenings in winter season are quite charming here and you can enjoy great. Moreover, the rainy season is also ready to offer you brilliant enjoyment.

Shopping Places for Banjul Holidays Travelers

Though Banjul is a small city, it offers you the brand items that are famous in all over the world. You can buy here the local items to bring them back to your home for decoration or to give as gifts to your friends.

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