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Bayahibe Holidays

Located just east of Casa de Campo, Bayahibe is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. The town itself is known as a fishing village that is surrounded by some big holiday resorts. It offers one of the entrances to Parque National del Este and Isla Soana. The beach of the town is famous as a public beach and the Dominicus Beach is only three miles far from here. It lies in the east of La Romana and it gains visitors in a big amount.

Famous Bayahibe Holidays Attractions

The town of Bayahibe is famous for numerous attractions that are scattered in the whole town. The National park of Este and Isla Soana is the major attraction of the place and it has the limestone terraces that have been formed a million years before and these caves contain pre-Columbian pictures as well as rock carvings of the Tainos. You will also find here saltwater lagoon that is another attraction of the place.  Thus, the whole town is filled with numerous natural and man-made attractions that will entertain you.

Weather in Bayahibe

Bayahibe has comfy weather around-year. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cool in winter season. You can visit the town anytime in the whole year. The annual temperature moves between 20 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius. Thus, the lovely weather adds more charm in your vacation tour.

Top Bayahibe Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Bayahibe is famous as a public beach that is just 1 mile far from the downtown of the town. It serves as an embarkation point for vessel tours to Saona Island. Here, you will find worthwhile accommodation options. The resort of Bayahibe has plenty of hotels including El Eden Hotel, Cabana Elke, Hotel Bayahibe and many more.
Shopping Places for Bayahibe Holidays Travelers

If you want to enjoy good shopping in Bayahibe, you can go to the Colmados as these shops can be found everywhere in Bayahibe. Most of them deal in food, drinks, fresh water, gift items etc. there is also a supermarket where you can buy everything. Enjoy shopping here!

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