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Bijilo Holidays

Gambia has plenty of vacation spots where you can enjoy your holidays in an amazing way. Bijilo is one of the most sought after tourism destination of Gambia that attracts the visitors very much. It is not only famous for vacation purpose but the business people also prefer this city to arrange their business conferences here. People can enjoy the local dance, nightlife and a lot more activities in the city to enjoy their holidays in their own style.

Famous Bijilo Holidays Attractions

Though Bijilo is a small and beautiful city of Gambia, it will satisfy your thirst of visiting the fine places. The Bijilo Forest Park is the landmark of the city that allows the visitors to see different kinds of birds, wild animals, monkeys, trees and plants. The park is full of greenery and you will really spend a good time here. The forest park is a good place for those who love nature and its creatures!

TopBijiloHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

The city of Bijilo doesn’t disappoint in discovering hotels of your choice and budget as well! Visitors can easily find a suitable hotel of their choices. The most famous hotel in the city is Golden Beach Hotel. apart from this hotel, they city also offers some bed & breakfast options including Lemon Creek Hotel Resort, Kingfisher Apartments and many more.

Weather in Bijilo

The weather of Bijilo is something hotter and you must plan your holiday tour during the rainy season or winter season. The rainy season varies from July to October and the winter season is here from October to February. You can visit anytime time during July to February. Well, you will really enjoy great in Bijilo as it offers you a brilliant experience.

Shopping Places for Bijilo Holidays Travelers

Though there are not big malls and grand markets in Bijilo, the small and local market in the city will provide you with amazing local items that will steal your heart. The shopping in the city of Bijilo will let you have a great experience so what are you thinking now, rock the world of fun in Bijilo!

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