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Binibeca Holidays

The resort of Binibeca is located on the south coast of Menorca that is most sought after by the visitors. It also touches the land of Cala Torret in the east through Binibequer Nou and onto Binibequer Vell in the West. It is considered as a residential area of the island that was not discovered as a tourist centre before some years and now, it is famous as a lovely beach resort. It is a suitable resort for those who looking for a good-looking sandy beach resort to enjoy a few days far from the hectic world.

Famous Binibeca Holidays Attractions

Binibeca is included as a part of Menorca tours and the beautiful village offers the glimpses of a traditional and cultural place. It will show you the old fashioned buildings and Mediterranean style fishing village. The enigmatic church is the attraction of the place that allows you to gain peace of mind. If you want to learn how to dive, you can join any institutes as there are some institutes for this purpose. Well, the white sandy beach will relax not only your body but your mind as well.

Weather in Binibeca

The weather of resort of Binibeca is normal throughout the year; however it become hotter during the months of July and August. The tourism season starts from the month of November and ends in April. This is time when you will love to walk wearing a jacket on sandy beach! What a lovely scene!

Top Binibeca Holidays Beaches and Resorts

No issues, what is your budget! You will find a suitable accommodation option in the resort of Binibeca! Here you will find numerous beaches and hotels to enjoy some lovely days. The famous hotel in the resort is Binivell Park and you can stay there that offers you all essential facilities.  

Shopping Places for Binibeca Holidays Travelers

The local market of Binibeca is filled with numerous shops that deal in local and holiday essentials. You can buy here everything as per your wish. Moreover, you can buy some items to keep as memories of the lovely resort! Have a wonderful holiday tour to Binibeca!

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