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Bolivia Holidays

Bolivia is one of the most beautiful places in the world that attract visitors for its natural beauty and historical places. It is a landlocked nation located in the central South America. Brazil has covered this country from north and east side while it is bordered by Paraguay and Argentina in the south and Chile and Peru in west. It has an approximate population of about 9 million people. The Andes Mountain runs in the nation and thus, it adds beauty to its several places. Salar de Uyuni is an interesting and attractive place of the country that is famous as world's biggest salt flats, which stretches out the southeast corner of Bolivia.

Famous Bolivia Holidays Attraction

Bolivia is a perfect tourist place, if you appreciate different cultures and want to learn them because about 50% people of Bolivia are living with ancient tradition and culture of the nation. Well, Bolivia has a wide range of attractive places where you can go to enjoy splendid holidays. Lake Titicaca is the landmark of Bolivia that is located in La Paz. It is famous in all over the world as the world’s highest boating lake. You can have a wonderful experience of boating in this lake and these moments will be your special moments ever enjoyed. The Rurrenabaque is another big attraction point of Bolivia where you can see the beginning point of Amazonian pampas and forests. Salar de Uyuni is a perfect place for photographers and you will really like to stay here.

Top Bolivia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Bolivia has famous luxurious hotels where you can enjoy a classy staying! These hotels not only offer you special treatment but also let you enjoy the glimpses of Bolivian culture and traditional way of living. Some hotels of the nation include Aparthotel Toborochi Suites, Los Tajibos hotel, hotel tropical Inn, Tiquina Palace hotel, Avenida hotel and Calacoto hotel. You can stay in any hotel according to your budget and suitability as there are hotels from higher to cheaper costs.

Weather in Bolivia

Weather plays important role in your visit. The weather and heat of Bolivia differs from one city to another. Bolivia offers each environment range and some areas have stifling moisture, while in others it will be cold. Well, you can enjoy lots of fun in every month of year in Bolivia and its gay bars welcome you without any tension of weather.

Shopping Places For Bolivia Holidays Travelers

Bolivia offers plenty of shopping places and malls where you can enjoy shopping as per your choices. In Bolivia, you can find numerous woodcarvings that you can give as gifts for your friends and relatives. Moreover, you can also avail handmade jewelry, such as alpaca blankets that are good mementos.

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