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Cala Blanca Holidays

Cala Blanca is located on the south of Cuidadela that lies on the west coastline of Minorca. It was built in 1990 especially as a tourism centre and it offers all kinds of amenities to the visitors. If you are looking for a different holiday experience, you will need to plan a holiday trip to Cala Blanca that is the most sought after tourism holiday destination. It is peaceful resort that is always ready to be explored by the families and older couples as well. If you want to enjoy ‘Fun & Sun’ days at white sandy beaches, you can go to the resort of Cala Blanca.

Famous Cala Blanca Holidays Attractions

The beach of Cala Blanca is made of fine white sands, which wins the heart of visitors at very first sight! The clearness of the water makes it a worth for plunging and snorkeling. A mini-train is the major attraction for the children that runs along the length of the resort. It is just 4 km far from the beautiful Catalan town of Cuidadela where you can watch the ancient buildings that tell the saga of 17th century. It is place where you can enjoy a day trip too to relax your body and mind as well.

Weather in Cala Blanca

Though the weather is cool, the tourism season begins here from the months of November to April and thus, you can plan a tour meanwhile these months. Apart from this, if you want to enjoy rainy season, the months of July and August are good for you. Plan a holiday tour as your suitability.

Top Cala Blanca Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Why to go to Cala Blanca? Well, the white sandy beach and crystal-clear water is what can make you crazy to visit the lovely resort of Cala Blanca! Here you will face no problem in searching a suitable and top-notch hotel to stay in. the famous hotels of the resort are Hotel Mediterrani, Cala Blanca Villas, Cala Blanca Apartments, Casa Sol and Sagitario Playa Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Cala Blanca Holidays Travelers

Since all coastal resort of Spain boast markets especially for visitors, the resort of Cala Blanca offers traditional as well modern markets for the visitors. You can buy here local handmade items, leather goods and jewellery as well. Have a good holiday tour here!

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