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Cala Dor Holidays

The eye-catching and lovely resort of Cala Dor is situated on the southeast coastline of the Balearic island of Majorca. It is mainly built for holiday tourist destination and this is why it is gaining more and more popularity among the honeymoon couples and family. It provides its guests with an air of style and it is one of the most explored resorts of Majorca. You will find here a wide range of restaurants, hotels and bars in Cala Dor resort. If you want to go to disco, the marina area also offers you plenty of options to enjoy worth nightlife there.

Famous Cala Dor Holidays Attractions

Cala Dor has many more attractions for you to make your holiday tour stupendous! It would be really a shame to go to Cala Dor and miss the rocking party of the year that gains the big amount of guests per year. The Fiesta of La Mare de Deu Del Mar is the famous attraction for visitors. When you are in Cala Dor with your younger children, you can learn them a lot more about fishes and fishing through the glass bottomed boats that can be easily hired in the resort. Other attractions of the resorts are Caves of Drach and many more other things.

Weather in Cala Dor

Well, the weather of Cala Dor won’t disappoint in enjoying. It allows you to visit the resort anytime that is comfortable for you. Here you will find three types of season including summer, winter and rainy season as well.

Top Cala Dor Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Cala Dor offers you amazing and lovely beaches where you can view the crystal clear water. With a cup of coffee in the company of your beloved, you can enjoy a splendid and lovely evening at sandy beaches. The famous hotels are Apartments Ferrera Blanca, Rocamarina, Hotel Marina Skopios, Hotel Marina Corfu and Fowlers Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Cala Dor Holidays Traveller

There are numerous shops in Cala Dor and you can enjoy shopping there. If you are perfect in bargaining, you can carry lots of things with you to your country and keep them as the memories of the place!

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