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Cala Gardana Holidays

Cala Gardana is located on the Balearic Island and it is famous for its horseshoe shape. It is one of the most picturesque and most explored resorts. If you are in search of a pleasing and attractive resort, the resort of Cala Gardana is just awaiting you… you can stay at the top of the trees packed cliffs and can view the whole resort from there. What a lovely scene it is! Well, the resort of Cala Gardana also provides its guests with boat trips, scuba diving, cycling and other activities.

Famous Cala Gardana Holidays Attractions

Cala Gardana offers numerous attractions for the visitors. The resort offers a beautiful tiny water park and play-area where children can enjoy various games. In fact, the park is not only good for children but also for grown-ups. You can even go to the nearest town of Ferreries and local bus services are arranged for this purpose! The clean and lovely sandy beach is worth to enjoy full fun days.

Weather in Cala Gardana

The weather of Cala Gardana is pleasing and heart-touching! If you want to enjoy different weather, the resort of Cala Gardana is good to go there. Summer season is hot while the winter season is good to enjoy holiday tours!

Top Cala Gardana Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Cala Gardana has an eye-catching beach that is packed with the pine trees, you can lie back and enjoy the sunshine to relax your body and mind as well. Apart from this, there is no lack of hotels in the resort; the famous hotel of the resort includes Casas Lago Aparthotel. It will offer you plenty of facilities.

Shopping Places for Cala Gardana Holidays Travelers

Being a famous resort of Spain, Cala Gardana also offers you an array of shops where you can buy the handicrafts, leather goods, bracelets, pottery and other items. These items can be availed to keep as the memories of the place! The shopping is really a fun work here that will also offer you a different experience!

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