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Calan Bosch Holidays

Perfectly new, built for tourism resort situated on the south-west coastline of Menorca, the resort of Calan Bosch is a fast developing resort, which enjoys a few hotels and numerous apartments for its guests. It has attractive and eye-catching seashore that is covered with numerous bars and restaurants as well. The local market located in the heart of the resort is the leading attraction that allows its visitors to buy lots of memorable items!

Famous Calan Bosch Holidays Attractions

The tiny and nice white sandy beach is the top-notch attraction that allows the visitors to enjoy numerous water sports activities. You can enjoy sunbathe, water sports and other activities there to enjoy a fun day. The Aqua Rock Water Park is the landmark of the resort where you can have a look! In fact, the resort is enough handy to visit the town of Ciutadella that is an ancient town established by the Carthaginians and it was once known as the former capital of Menorca till 18th century.

Weather in Calan Bosch
Calan Bosch enjoys a hot climate with warm summers and lovely chilly winters. The weather in the resort changes from time to time so, tourists can always enjoy different colors of weather here. It has a lovely harbor and couple of gorgeous beaches!

Top Calan Bosch Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Calan Bosch are rocky, covered with pine trees and golden sands. There are mainly two beaches in Calan Bosch that offer the same facilities to the guests. They also offer an array of water sports and sailing tuitions as well. The resort has plenty of accommodation options for your ease. The famous hotels of Calan Bosch are Viva Menorca, Marinda Garden, Marina Apartments, Hotel Cala’n Beach and many more.

Shopping Places for Calan Bosch Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Calan Bosch will be a fun work for those who take pleasure in shopping! The shops are filled with souvenir items, leather items and jewellery as well. You can buy various items to offer as gifts to others!

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