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Calan Forcat Holidays

Situated on the western tip of Menorca, Calan Forcat is an outstanding resort that lies between Calan Blanes and Los Delfines. It is only 50 km far from the capital of Mahon. Whether you are looking for a family resort or honeymoon destination, the resort of Calan Forcat will satisfy in every aspect! In fact, it is the newly built resort of Menorca that offers a number of hotels along with several other accommodation options. Calan Forcat is filled with tourists throughout the year and thus, you don’t need to think when to go to Calan Forcat as it is always ready to welcome you!

Famous Calan Forcat Holidays Attractions

The mini train of Calan Forcat is the leading attraction for the visitors that lets them to enjoy a tour to the whole resort. The children will like it most! The sandy beaches are other attractions of the resort that allows visitors to enjoy sunbathing, water sports and other activities. There are two water parks available for you where you can go to enjoy with your family! If you take pleasure in eating different cuisines, the resort of Calan Forcat will persuade your tongue with delicious foods!

Weather In Calan Forcat

Calan Forcat enjoys a lovely climate! The summer season is a bit hot with a temperature of 25 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius and the winter season is really superb. You can enjoy every season here as per your choice. Rainy season can be enjoyed during July and August!

Top Calan Forcat Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Calan Forcat boasts nearly three beaches; two of them cover the resort from the north side. There is also a diving school and if you want to learn diving, the facilities are available for you. The resort has plenty of good hotels including Calas Picas, Biniforcat Hotel, Hotel Club Almirante Farragut and Talayot.

Shopping Places for Calan Forcat Holidays Travelers

There are numerous local shops available in the resort of Calan Forcat, which offer plenty of holiday items as well as gifts items. You can do good shopping here, if you are able to do good bargaining. Enjoy shopping and buy special items to keep as the memories of the resort!

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