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Candolim Beach Holidays

If you are planning to visit the exciting place to enjoy your holidays in rocking ways, the Candolim beach is the worth place to fulfill your desires in a better way. The Candolim Beach is just far 15 km from Panaji in the Bardez Tulaka and it takes no time in reaching to the place by airways. In fact, it was well-known as a village that is still located near the resort.

Famous Candolim Beach Holidays Attraction

Candolim Beach has a wide range of natural and manmade attractions that will bring more pleasure to you as a result, you can quickly forget your tensions. It is considered as the hottest beach resort that has lots of restaurants and bars as well. The beach is packed with lovely natural landscapes and its Sunsetting will catch your attention with ease. The long and golden sandy beaches of Candolim Beach are the most popular attractions of the resort.

Weather in Candolim Beach

Weather and climate of Candolim Beach is perfect and thus, you will feel here true peace of mind. The most visited month to visit the resort is summer season when you can also enjoy rain during evenings. Well, it also welcomes the visitors during winter seasons.

Top Candolim Beach Beaches and Hotels

The Candolim Beach offers various entertainment activities and thus, you will enjoy rocking holidays. The main attraction of the beach is the boating that you can enjoy during evenings and thus, you will become happy. It also offers you an excellent and magnificent view of the Goa sunset. If you are looking for worth hotels here, you will find a wide range of hotels here. The most popular hotel is the Alegria de Goa Beach Resort and thus, you can enjoy good holidays here.

Shopping Places for Candolim Beach Holidays Travelers

Candolim Beach is a good place to enjoy shopping. Here are various choices of shopping as you can find here mini-markets, shopping malls and supermarkets as well. Don’t forget to buy the traditional items of the place that will satisfy you very much.



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