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Castries Holidays

Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia that is located in the West Indies. Castries has a nice harbor that attracts the visitors. One of the key tourist areas in St. Lucia, Castries shows the West Indies urban culture that will let you enjoy a rocking vacation tour. Though the city is not easy to make a tour of the city by foot but if you visit the tour, you will enjoy lovely holidays in the lap of natural beauty of the city.

Famous Castries Holidays Attraction

In the lovely city of Castries, you will have ample chances to see historical buildings, national parks, lovely landscapes and many other attraction that are just worthwhile for you. It has lots of museums that speak the saga of struggle of the nation and the historical sights will win your heart to make your tour rocking and full of joy.

Weather in Castries

The weather of Castries is wonderful that can make your holiday tour outstanding. You will enjoy here warm summer, chilly winter and light rainy season. The annual temperature moves round 21 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius and thus, you don’t need to bother about bad weather here.

Top Castries Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Castries has numerous hotels to cater your accommodation requirements. You will take pleasure in staying at beach resorts and hotels that offer all essential facilities to you. The most famous hotels in the city include Royal by Rex Resorts, The BodyHoliday at LeSport, Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Ti Kaye Village Resort and many more.

Shopping Places for Castries Holidays Travelers

Castries is a perfect place for those that take pleasure in enjoying shopping. You are able to buy leather goods, gift items, lovely jewelry, t-shirts, hats, other holiday essentials and other items that are just worthwhile for you. You can buy these goods with ease as there is imposed no duty tax and thus, you can avail them to carry them with you to your home.

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