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Cayo Coco Holidays

If you wish to enjoy the most sought after Cuban beaches, you will need to visit the famous resort of Cayo Coco. It will be the best destination for you and you can explore great fun here with your family and friends. It is situated in the center of Cuba’s north seashore and it is nearly 340 miles far from the east coast of Havana. It is one of the biggest cays and allows you enjoy a rocking holiday tour here. Generally, Cubans are not permitted to visit the Cayo Coco and it is reserved tourist destination for those who come from either Canada or Europe. However, the working people can visit Cayo Coco without any hassle.

Famous Cayo Coco Holidays Attraction

Before some years, it was not easy to visit Cuba as it was not a famous tourist destination. Now the Cuban people and government have understood the importance of tourism that bring them not only employment but also foreign currency. It is an ideal city where you can find natural flora and fauna. The major attractions of the city are Sea beds, Moron City, Coral Reef, Forbidden Beach, Pilar beach, La Redonda Lagoon, Flamenco beach and many more.

Weather in Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco has neither enough hot nor cold. It enjoys usual and normal weather around-year. You can adjust and plan your holidays in any weather as the town welcomes the visitors every time.

Top Cayo Coco Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Cayo Coco is a worth place that offers you eye-catching and lovely beaches. The crystal clear water and pleasing atmosphere of Cayo Coco will force you plan your holidays here over and again. Due to its lovely beaches, it is considered as one of the paradisiacal keys of the northern coast of Cuba. The pristine beaches are just waiting for you… the famous hotels in Cayo Coco are Melia Cayo Coco and Tryp Cayo Coco. Book your hotel in advance.

Shopping Places for Cayo Coco Holidays Travelers

Cayo Coco is a good place for shopping. Everyday local artists sell their wares in open market that is located in the heart of the resort. There are also numerous shops located at the resort where you can find T-shirts, towels, hats and other holiday essentials. Apart from them, you can also buy gifts to carry with you!

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