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Djerba Island Holidays

If you want to visit the place of your dreams, you will need to visit Djerba Island that will satisfy your lure of visiting. It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Tunisia where people like to visit throughout the year. Due to its natural beauty and beautiful beaches, it is well-known as the ‘Island of Dreams’ because it is perfect place for those looking for silent and natural place to enjoy some days far from the hectic world. The city also has a small international airport and thus, you don’t need to worry about how to reach there.

Famous Djerba Island Holidays Attractions

Djerba Island is a popular spot for French, German, Italian and Czech visitors as it has plenty of attractive points. Some of the major attractions of the city include Gightis, Houmt-Souk, Adjim, Bordj Castille, Bordj Djillidj, El Kantara, El May, Er Riadh/ Hara Seghira, Guellala, Midoun, Plage Sidi Maharès,and Plage de la Séguia. You will really enjoy a wonderful holiday tour at this place that is always ready to welcome you.

Weather in Djerba Island

Weather plays significant role in making the place popular. Since the city is located near the seashore, it has pleasant and normal weather throughout the year. If you want to enjoy sunshine near the sea, you can plan your holiday in winter season while the summer season is good for those who want to enjoy water activities!

Top Djerba Island Holidays Hotel & Beaches

Plage de la Séguia in Djerba is an extensive beach of 5 Km that lies between Aghir and Ras Lalla Hadria. You can view here the crystal clear water and can also enjoy some watersports here. The most famous hotels in the city of Djerba include Villa Azur, Calimera Yati Beach, Hotel Flamingo Beach, Radisson SAS Resort & Spa Djerba, Fiesta Beach Club and Aldiana Djeerba Atlantide and many more.

Shopping Places for Djerba Island Holidays Travelers

The beautiful and most famous Djerba Island offers plenty of shopping places where the visitors can quench their thirst of shopping. You can buy here the local items to take them back as the memories of the place. Well, to visit the place, you can book your lucrative holiday package through Cheap Holidays Discount Travel. Visit now!

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