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Ecuador Holidays

Ecuador is well-known as the most picturesque and lively places to visit in South America. If you want to enjoy a beach holiday, Ecuador is a perfect place that will let you enjoy great near sandy beaches in sunny days. Thus, your trip to Ecuador will be enough active, exciting and most enjoyable that you won't forget in a day or two! The country is bordered by Colombia in north direction, by Peru in east and south. Moreover, the Pacific Ocean covers the nation in west. The nation also consists of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific that is approximately 965 km in west of the mainland.

Famous Ecuador Holidays Attraction

Ecuador offers visitors an outstanding holiday experience as you come to know about Ecuadorian culture and traditional. Moreover, you have ample chance of mingling with locals who are living with ancient lifestyle. Tourists can find here several programs as the country has various options of enjoyment. You can enjoy scuba diving, whale watching, climbing, trekking, rafting and mountain biking. The Galapagos Islands are a splendid set of islands off the seashore of Ecuador. The biggest harbor is Guayaquíl, which is also a doorway to good-looking beaches.

Top Ecuador Holidays Hotels

Ecuador offers various hotels that let you feel as if you were at your own home. The hotels range from inexpensive lodgings to luxurious hotels including J.W. Marriot Hotel Ecuador, Hilton Colon Hotel Guayaquil, Hotel Tambo Real Ecuador, and Radisson Royal Hotel. You can choose any hotel to stay according to your budget. Moreover, the nation is also a good place for those who have a tight budget as they can easily find cheap hotels.

Weather in Ecuador

Since Ecuador is situated in the tropics of South America, its weather is affected by several factors. The tourists can enjoy pleasing rainy and dry season in Ecuador. If you want to enjoy rainy season, you can come here from February to March while the months from June to December are perfect to experience dry weather. Thus, the weather in Ecuador is pleasing throughout the year and you can plan your tour anytime according to your suitability.

Shopping Places For Ecuador Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Ecuador brings great fun and delight for tourists! You can buy a lot of souvenirs for your family and friends to give as gifts. In Cuenca, you will find numerous markets that have wide range of jewelries and decorative items. Calderon is a perfect marketplace for famous bread dough figures. Woodcrafts are also famous in Ecuador and you can buy several gift items for your family.

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