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Elounda Holidays

Are you looking for a lovely beach resort to rock the world of fun? Just plan a holiday tour to Elounda that is a suitable visiting place for you. It is the most popular resort of the islet of Crete and you will find an apt place where you will all the required things to rock the world of fun. It is in fact, the most lovely and eye-catching place in the Aegean Sea that has superb and outstanding natural environment. Apart from these things, it also has numerous hotels, bars, restaurants and other landscapes that will win your heart with ease.

Famous Elounda Holidays Attractions

The lagoon of Elounda is the major attraction of Elounda that is located between the coastline and a tiny peninsula of 7-8 km length. If you wish, you can also view the ancient city of Olous that is situated in the area of Elounda and some ruins are wonderful to view. These ruins will let you see the historical glimpses of the society. The small land of Elounda is a worthwhile place that has lots of attractions for you that you can enjoy. With exceptional architectural along with modern look, Elounda is ready to offer rocking holidays!

Weather in Elounda

You are welcomed in Elounda in any weather because it is perfect here and you will enjoy great holidays here. The most visited weather is summer when you will find a normal temperature that ranges from twenty to thirty.

Top Elounda Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Elounda offers lovely, perfect and sandy beaches for you where you can enjoy a lot of water activities that are the name of true fun. Elounda also offers an array of hotels for you and the most popular hotels include Olive Grove Apartments, Elounda Mare Hotel & Bungalows, Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort, Elounda Bay Palace and many more.

Shopping Places in Elounda

Since Elounda is a relaxing destination for enjoying holidays. Here you will find several shops to buy holiday essentials, leather goods, handicrafts items and many more things. During your holidays in Elounda, you can enjoy shopping to offer them as gifts for your friends and relatives.

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