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Falkland Islands Holidays

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean and it is located around 300 miles from the Argentinean coast, 671 miles west of the Shag Rocks and even 584 miles north of the British Antarctic Territory. The Falkland Islands include two islands East Falkland and West Falkland. Within last few years, Falkland Islands has improved tourism business with a fast pace and thus, people from all over the world to here to enjoy here. Both the two islands include nearly 700 plus islands with them.

Famous Falkland Islands Holidays Attraction

There are several attraction points in Falkland Islands where you can visit to explore great fun. You can also visit to Falkland Islands museum that is another famous sightseeing place. It has a good collection of arts and other pieces that will let you see the glimpses of the nation’s ancient culture and tradition as well. Well, the country also has plenty of historical places that are now in ruined conditions and speak the struggle sage of the country. Visitors also like to visit the Argentina and San Carlos graveyard that is in fact a war related memorial park. Apart from these attractions, Mt Maria is also a landmark of the nation that let you see a superb view of the nation from its top.

Weather in Falkland Islands

The weather of the Falkland Islands is always pleasing and charming. Thus, the nation welcomes the visitors throughout the year. You can plan your tour to the country anytime as it depends upon your mood when you want to visit.

Top Falkland Islands Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The Falkland Islands are the amazing place where you can find wide open skies, attractive and stretchy white sandy beaches along with crystal clear Blue seas. If you want to sit on the sandy beaches of the nation under sunshine, you can come here as it would please you in a good way. The nation has a plethora of high-end and luxurious hotels where you can enjoy a perfect staying. Some hotels in Falkland Islands include Malvina House Hotel, Upland Goose Hotel and a lot more.

Shopping Places For Falkland Islands Holidays Travelers

If you are crazy to make a collection of items from different places in all over the world, you can also add some special items of Falkland Islands. The place is famous for its woodcarvings, jewelry and other decorative items. In fact, shopping in this nation will make you happy in several ways! It is also famous for the sweaters made of pure Falkland wool with unique designs.

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