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Fodele Holidays

Fodele is a tiny village that is located on the hills only a few miles far from the seashore. It is bordered by the towns of Heraklion and Rethymnon and it is covered by big seaplane trees that add more beauty to the resort. It also has lovely landscapes that catch the attention of the visitors. In fact, it is a silent village that has a wide range of historical buildings, such as El Greco House and several museums. When you are in Fodele, you will find numerous accommodation options to stay in them. Though it offers lots of facilities to holidaymakers, it also has wonderful traditional way of living.

Famous Fodele Holidays Attractions

Since it is located on a hill just a few miles far from sea, you will find a different kind of experience here. The land of Fodele is packed with several things including citrus groves, orchards and big plane trees that are the lovely attraction of the place. Apart from this, the resort also has wonderful historical buildings including Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary, House of El Greco, lots of museums, and many more. You will really find the resort of Fodele a wonderful place.

Weather in Fodele

Weather is what has made Fodele famous in all over the world. The annual temperature moves between twenty and thirty degree Celsius and thus, you can plan your holidays to the lovely place of Fodele anytime. Enjoy holidays in the way, you like.

Top Fodele Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Fodele offers two stunning beaches, one of them is joined with the main road and the next one is located on the west by which you can easily reach to the village. There is also no lack of accommodation in Fodele. Here you will find worth hotels including Fodele Beach Hotel and Greco Fodele Villas and many more. It is suggested you to book your hotel in advance during peak season.

Shopping Places in Fodele

Fodele has numerous shops that provide the holidaymakers with every essential and holiday item. There is also held a local market where you can avail local products with good bargaining. If you are not satisfied with your shopping here, you can also go to the nearby villages of Heraklion and Rethymnon.

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