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Gouves Holidays

The full name of Gouves is Kato Gouves and it is a purpose built resort that is just made for tourists looking for outstanding place to enjoy holidays in an excellent way. The resort is located on the north coastline of Crete 17 km far from Heraklion and it takes no a couples of minutes in reaching there. With lovely and nice beaches, it has become the nice and famous beach resort that has its own importance in the whole islet. You will find it one of the most sought after tourist destination due to its pleasing attractions.

Famous Gouves Holidays Attractions

Gouves boasts Crete’s most popular tourist attractions, such as the islet of Spinalonga, the Palace at Knossos and the capital Heraklion itself. Gouves has lovely waterpark that lets you forget your tensions in a quick span of time. The resort has everything that can make your holidays wonderful. There is also a small and lovely harbor and tiny marine that offers wonderful enjoyment.

Weather in Gouves
The weather in Gouves is perfect and you will enjoy it as per your wish. The most visited weather in Gouves is summer. However, you can also go to the resort during winter season that is perfect for you.

Top Gouves Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Gouves has stunning beaches covered with golden sands and big trees that add more and more beauty to the resort. In fact, you will also find here numerous hotels here including Hotel & Suites Gouves Mare, Andreas Apartments, Blue Aegean Apartotel and Villa Marie Kelly and many more hotels. You will find them packed with essential facilities.

Shopping Places in Gouves

In the heart of Gouves, there are numerous supermarkets that offer holiday essentials and a wide range of gifts. If you want to enjoy shopping on a broad level, you can also go to Heraklion that is near to Gouves. Just enjoy shopping and rocking holidays in Gouves.

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