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Grenada Holidays

Grenada is a fantastic tourist island that wins the heart of visitors with its magnificent and attractive beaches, superb water falls, green hills and sweet-smelling spice trees. Due to its sweet smelling trees, the island is known as the "Isle of Spice". The island is covered with six smaller islands in south end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. The country is situated in the northwestern side of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, as well as southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a most sought after sightseeing destination where people love to go to get rid of their exhaustion due to hard works.

Famous Grenada Holidays Attraction

Grenada is a rich country in concern of culture and traditional way of living that have made its people proud of. It is known for its various visiting places that welcome the tourists throughout the year. Annandale Falls is one of the most attractive places for tourists as they can enjoy swimming in the pool made under this grand water fall. Bianca C is another famous visiting location that speaks the historical saga of the country. Some other sightseeing places of Grenada include La Sagesse Nature Center, Black Bay Beach, Boss Reef, Molinarie Reef, Butler House, Buccaneer, Morne Rouque, Mount St. Catherine and Morne LaBaye Trail.

Weather in Grenada

Since Grenada is covered in flourishing tropical vegetation and rainforests, the island faces a little hot throughout the year. Its average temperature ranges between 60 degree Fahrenheit and 80 degree Fahrenheit. June, July and August are considered as the hottest months and the winter season starts here from November and ends in February. If you want to enjoy winter season, you can plan a holiday tour from November to February and if want to enjoy rainy season, you can go to place between March and August.

Top Grenada Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Grenada offers you several places to enjoy the most beautiful natural wonders of the universe. The little island has around 45 beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling or even an adventurous tour. Some beaches of the country include Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge Beach, La Sagesse Beach, Bathway Beach, Levera Beach and even Sauteurs Beach. The country also offers a wide range of hotels where you can enjoy a pleasing holiday stay. Ade’s Dream, Allamanda Beach Resort, Almost Paradise Cottages and Beach Inn are some famous hotels and resorts of the country.

Shopping Places for Grenada Holidays Traveller

Grenada is the most sought after shopping place from where you can take several amazing items back to your home. You can find here woodcarvings, paintings, jewelry, and other beautiful and decorative items. Enjoy a perfect shopping in Grenada.

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