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Hammamet Holidays

Hammamet is a city in Tunisia. In this city its beaches are popular destination for water sports and swimming. It is a first tourist destination in Tunisia. This city is situated in the southeast of the northern neck of the land of Cap Bon in the Nabeul on the rim of the Gulf of Hammamet. This city is mostly well known as Jasmine, and tourists know by its name of Yasmine Hammamet. About Hammamet, all kinds of migrant towns are being built as immigrants from the southern part of the motherland come to discover work.  As a famous destination for European visitors, it brings a lot of money for Tunisia.

Famous Hammamet Holidays Attractions

Some of the most regularly visited Tourist attractions in Hammamet are –

  1. Sidi Bou Said: This is truly one main road, which goes up the mount. At the top of the hill are suspended several cafes. The road is associated to small alleyways and various courtyards. Noticeable by whitewashed walls, the street is garlanded with blue doors, windows and beautiful metal works. A range of items, from handicrafts to sweets are on trade on these streets and alleys. There is also a beach in the province.

  2. Roman ruins of Pupput: The biggest Roman cemetery of Africa, this place offers a glimpse into the antique lifestyles that prevailed in Hammamet. The place is prominent for its assortment of mosaics. You can also perceive the mosaics that are exhibited on the walls.

  3. Sebastian's villa: One of the most popular Tourist Attractions in Hammamet, this was the former villa of George Sebastian, a Roman billionaire. Said to be the most beautiful structure seen by the distinguished architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this villa has been presently converted into an International Cultural Centre. It hosts various art exhibitions and concerts, including the International Festival of Hammamet during summers. The arcaded swimming pool and the baptistery-like bath are other attractions of this villa.
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