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Hanioti Holidays

Hanioti is a tiny, beautiful and picturesque village in Halkidiki that lies on the peninsula’s first spike and it is only 60 minutes far from Greece’s capital city of Thessaloniki. The small resort is considered as the paradise among the visitors and thus, you will enjoy the resort very much and it is covered with numerous hotels, bars and restaurants as well. the resort is also famous among the honeymoon couples and thus, it offers entertainment for people belonging to all age group.

Famous Hanioti Holidays Attraction

Since it is small village, it has some natural and manmade attractions for you. You will find here several parks, historical buildings, gardens, sandy beaches and other attractions. It has been blessed by nature and the crystal clear water, traditional way of hospitability and friendly nature of its inhabitants and unforgettable nights are the well-known attractions of the resort that are making it popular across the world.

Weather in Hanioti

Hanioti enjoys typical Mediterranean climate and weather with long warm summers and cool to mild winters. It has outstanding weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year. With light winter, it is worth place to visit and the town enjoys an annual average temperature of 18 degree Celsius that rises up to 30 degree Celsius in summer.
Top Hanioti Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The sandy and lovely beaches are the attraction of the resort that will catch your attention to a higher level. There are several hotels in Hanioti that offer outstanding facilities and amenities for you. The popular hotels in the resort are Hotel Hanioti Village, Lesse Hotel, Hilltop Hotel, Daphne Holiday Club, Bella Grecia Aparthotel, Naias Beach Hotel and Hotel Calypso and many more.

Shopping Places in Hanioti

If you are crazy for shopping, you can buy some special gifts, leather goods and handicrafts items. Shopping will be a fun work for you and thus, you can buy some gifts to offer as gifts for your relatives. In fact, holidays in Hanioti will be exceptional for you that you can’t forget within a few days!

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