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Jibacoa Holidays

Located in a stunning bay with flourishing green mounts caring the invitingly white sandy beaches, Jibacoa is a paradise for those who looking for a calm and natural tourist destination. It is basically situated on the Arroyo Berme Jo Beach, on the north coast of the nation. It is only 12 km far from the old fishing town of Santa Cruz del Norte that is one of the largest Havana Rum Factories in Cuba. It is a famous tourist destination for families and honeymoon couples.

Famous Jibacoa Holidays Attraction

The Jibacoa cargo ship and the Sparta military ship are the famous attractions for tourists. Both of them also have become most wanted choices with more skillful divers.  The mountains attract the visitors also and you can climb on them from where you can view the astonishing picturesque of the ocean and forests as well. The central market is also one of the attractions for the visitors who visit the town.

Weather in Jibacoa

Weather is pleasing in Jibacoa. You will enjoy its lovely weather. It enjoys a good amount of sunshine per year and during summer season; you will feel warm air with humidity. Winters are perfect to enjoy striking holidays!

Top Jibacoa Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Since it is beach resort, you can enjoy numerous water activities here. Its stunning beaches are lovely location make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations. If you want to enjoy sunshine, you only need to go to Jibacoa that is a worthwhile tourist destination for you. Here you will find suitable hotels including Hotel Breezes Jibacoa that is one of the top-notch hotels in Jibacoa.

Shopping Places for Jibacoa Holidays Travelers

In Jibacoa, there is a 15 mile market where you can find everything. Infact, all the local Cubans come here to sell their goods. You can buy here anything from baseball bats, gloves, balls made of leather and other gift good as well.

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