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Kalamaki Beach Holidays

Kalamaki is one of the Zante’s most pleasing and charming tourist destination that are only five kilometers far from the Zante Town. It is silent town that offers an exceptional experience for those who want to enjoy their holidays in different style and way. Kalamaki looks quite nice due to its lovely location with clear blue seas of the bay that lets you view the lovely picturesque of Mount Skopos. If you plan a holiday tour to this beach resort, you will feel great relaxation and you will forget all frets. Visit Kalamaki whenever you get time!

Famous Kalamaki Holidays Attraction

Kalamaki is now becoming a famous holiday destination with its nice attractions including traditional way of living. It is a peaceful place where you will find lots of natural landscapes. Village churches and small museums snatch the attention of people and thus, you will feel great here. a wide range of accommodation options, apartments and studios also have made it popular among the visitors.

Weather in Kalamaki

Kalamaki enjoys nearly 300 sunny days per year and thus, it is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy sunbathing here. Moreover, summer season is perfect for you to visit the resort that will fulfill your all wishes. Well, you can also go to the resort throughout the year!

Top Kalamaki Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Kalamaki is a charming destination for you if you want to enjoy watersports at the golden and sandy beaches. The crystal clear water and pine trees have made the beaches quite popular for the visitors. Well, the resort will not disappoint you, if you are in need of perfect hotels. The top-notch hotels in the resort include Cronulla Hotel, Tropical Hotel, Alexander Beach Hotel and Galaxy Hotel as well.

Shopping Places for Kalamaki Holidays Travelers

Kalamaki shopping is limited with mini-markets and tiny shops. Here, you can buy souvenir goods, leather goods and other items. If you want to enjoy shopping on a big level, you can go to Zante Town where you will some additional items, such as jewellery, ceramics, and even embroidered linens. Have a pleasing holiday tour!

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