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Kalami Holidays

Located on the north east Corfu hills, the Kalami is a lovely and eye-catching resort that has numerous attractions for you. It is famous for the Durrel's 'White House' and lovely beaches. It was not a popular holiday spot before some years while it has become a famous tourist destination for visitors from all over the world within last few years. It not only suits to family but also honeymoon couples. It offers a few evening entertainment from the bars, discos, and it stands silently on the outskirts of the village.

Famous Kalami Holidays Attraction

Since Kalami is an eye-catching beach resort, it ensures you for a rocking, busy and brilliant holiday tour. As it was a fishing village, now it enjoys lovely outlook of the landscape surrounded by the mountains with lush of greenery and the crystal waters of Lonian Sea. It is a suitable tourist destination for you and you can enjoy perfect holidays here.

Weather in Kalami

Climate and weather is nice in the resort of Kalami and you will enjoy it without any hassle. The resort of Kalami enjoys three kinds of weather including summer, winter and rainy season as well. Here, you will feel no hassle in enjoying suitable holidays with it comfy and pleasing weather.

Top Kalami Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The stunning beach resort of Kalami offers gorgeous and white sandy beaches for its guests to relax their skin and soul as well. There are numerous trees that have covered the resort from every side. The lush green beaches have made it popular among the tourists. There is no lack of hotels and you will find here suitable hotels including Adonis Asonitis Apartments, Ino Hotel Kalami and many more.

Shopping Places for Kalami Holidays Travelers

Kalami has an array of gifts hops along the road linking with the beach. You can buy here T-shirts, towels, tasteful ceramics, embroidered linese and leather goods as well. There also thousands of shops in the narrow streets where you can find items from jewellery to other gift items.

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