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Kalathos Holidays

Kalathos is located on the island of Rhodes and it is gaining name and fame due to its lovely beaches, historical buildings, village culture, churches, lovely natural beauty and manmade items as well. Located in the Kalathos Bay, it is only 6 km far from the mainland of Lindos and it is also only 45 km far from the city of Rhodes. You can reach to Kalathos within a quick span of time through airways. Don’t miss visiting the heaven resort of Kalathos.

Famous Kalathos Holidays Attraction

Since it is a small village, you will view your village culture and way of living. The silent village churches, buildings, white houses, flowers, natural beauty and other attraction will keep you happy. The beach is a 15 minutes walk from the village and thus, you can go to there to enjoy sandy beaches. Crystal clear water and golden sand will please your body and soul as well.

Weather in Kalathos

Lying in the Bay of Kalathos, it enjoys a pleasing weather throughout the year. Summer season is worth to visit the resort when you will enjoy normal temperature. However, you are free to explore the resort throughout the year as per your wishes!

Top Kalathos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Kalathos boasts of a lovely, eye-catching and nice beach that is full of beauty. It is packed with pine trees and thus, you will enjoy a perfect holiday tour here. Apart from these things, you will also find here the suitable hotel facility here and the most famous hotels in the resort of Kalathos offer some additional facilities to make your holidays wonderful. It will be good for you to book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Kalathos Holidays Travelers

Though shopping is limited in Kalathos, you will find here local items, holiday essentials, leather goods, ceramics and other goods. If you wish, you can also go to its neighbor towns to enjoy shopping. Just buy something to keep as memories of the place! Have a lovely tour to Kalathos!


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