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Kefalos Holidays

If you are looking for a specific resort, Kefalos is a worth destination for you. It is a purpose-built resort that has lovely weather to attract you.  It is located on the south west of the island of Kos Town and it is surrounded by amazing scenery and natural panorama. It lies under the ancient town of Kefalos and it is also known on its name. It is also famous for its rocking nightlife that will let you dance. Well, plan a holiday tour to Kefalos!

Famous Kefalos Holidays Attraction

Kefalos offers a pleasing and lovely beach for you, which is packed with white sands and crystal clear water. You will find here numerous attractive points to explore fun there. The monastery of Agios Nikolas is famous here that is located close to Kefalos and visitors can view lovely attractions here. It also offers a rocking nightlife along with numerous traditional tavernas. Well, holidays in Kefalos will be superb and you will enjoy these attractions very much.

Weather in Kefalos    

Weather is nice and charming here and you can visit the resort anytime you like. The annual temperature moves between twenty to thirty degree Celsius and thus, you won’t feel the weather enough hot here. Summer season is good for you to explore holidays!

Top Kefalos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Kefalos’s beach will make your holidays exceptional in each and every way. The golden sandy beaches are full of peace and water activities. There is no lack of good accommodation for the visitors who visit the resort. The popular holiday hotels in Kefalos include Anthoula Hotel, Hermes Hotel, Kordistos Hotel, Kamari Bay Hotel, Athinoula Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Kefalos Holidays Travelers

Well, if you are crazy for shopping, Kefalos is a suitable place for you. Though the market is small here, you can find here leather goods, soaps made from olive oil, embroidered items, gifts, holiday essentials and other items as well. avail the local items to keep them as reminder in your home!

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