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Kololi Holidays

Kololi is a famous tourism of Gambia country that is located at the west side of Africa. It is a beautiful beach resort located on the seashore of Atlantic Ocean that allows you to enjoy great sunny days sitting near the seashore. It is surrounded by the Bijilo forest and thus, you can also satisfy your thirst of adventure.  The tourists can do a lot more things in Kololi such as they can enjoy the most famous and traditional local dance and drumming shows that are really superb and provide you with great enjoyment. You can also enjoy the musical entertainment there that will offer you peace of mind!

Famous Kololi Holidays Attractions

The city of Kololi offers you enjoyment not only during daytime but also in nights. You will really enjoy outstanding holidays when you visit Kololi. The local “Afro-Reaggae-Hiphop disco” is quite famous among tourists and they really enjoy it very much. Some of the famous attraction of the city includes the beautiful and long beach where you will enjoy as per your wishes. Some other attractions in Kololi include Bakua Botnical Garden and Bijilo Forest Park.

TopKololiHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

The city of Kololi has an outstanding attraction point in form of Kololi beach; people like to visit the city only to enjoy water sports and other activities near the seashore. The city also has a wide range of luxury to inexpensive hotels that will cater your need of staying in a better way. The most famous hotels in the city are Holiday Beach Club Hotel, Golden Beach Hotel, Jerma Beach Hotel & Resort, Coconut Residence and Bijilo Beach Hotel.

Weather in Kololi

Since Gambia lies between the tropic of Cancer and the Equator, the temperature of the country is hot throughout the year. You can feel comfortable in Kololi during the rainy season and winter season as well. The rainy season starts from July and ends in October and winter starts from October and ends in February.

Shopping Places for Kololi Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Kololi will give you an outstanding experience. You can buy the local items to offer as gifts for your friends and relatives. Well, the city will not disappoint in the matter of shopping. Enjoy a splendid holiday tour in Kololi!

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