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Kontokali Holidays

Kontokali was well known as a fishing village before some years but now it is popular holiday spot where tourists like to relax their bodies and minds as well. It is located on the east coastline of the famous island that is just 6 km far from the Corfu town. It shares a bay with its neighbor beach resort known as Gouvia. If you want to get rid of hectic and worldly noise, it is the place where you can find peace of mind. Though it is small resort and shopping is limited here, you can take bus and go to Gouvia or Corfu Town to quench your thirst of shopping.

Famous Kontokali Holidays Attraction

Being a silent resort, Kontokali offers you several attractions. Its beaches are its major attractions that have been awarded Blue Flag. You will find leisure all around the resort and thus, you don’t need to think anything about it. The big modern marina is another striking of the resort. There are also found numerous boats along with fishing activities. Nightlife is comfortable with a quantity of larger hotels offering evening amusement with live music and dance.  

Weather in Kontokali

Weather is perfect in the resort of Kontokali. It enjoys normal summer season and cool winter season. The holiday season starts here from Easter to October and the best time to explore fun at Kontokali is summer when temperature is normal.

Top Kontokali Holidays Beaches and Hotels   

Well, you don’t need to bother about finding suitable hotels here. The resort of Kontokali has worth accommodation options for you. The famous hotels in the lovely beach resort offer all required facilities. The famous hotels of the resort are Kontokali Bay Hotel, Hotel Telessila, Pyrros and many more. The beaches of the Kontokali have been given the Blue Flag status and thus, you will not face any hassle. Book your hotel before visiting the resort!

 Shopping Places for Kontokali Holidays Travelers

Shopping will satisfy you in a little manner as it doesn’t have several big shops for you. However, you can find here the essential holiday items along with some gift items. Leather bags, handcrafts, handmade items and other things are just ideal for you to buy and to carry with you….

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