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Kos Town Holidays

Kos Town is located on the north of the islet and the visitors can reach to the town within a short time period of eighty minutes. The resort is built near a harbor under toe 14th century castle that was built by St.John’s Knight to save the town from any kind of damage. It has several historical buildings, ancient ruins and traditional buildings that speak the grand life of the town in ancient time. It is covered by plenty of palms and flower trees that will bring amazing enjoyment to you.

Famous Kos Town Holidays Attraction

Two lovely beaches are the famous attraction of Kos Town, which provide a wide range of watersports for its visitors. Well, it is worth resort that offers special things for everyone who visits the resort. The castle of St.John looks quite impressive and people like to go there in seek of peace of mind. Well, the leading square, Archeological Museums and restored Desfterdar Masque are the landmarks of Kos Town that you must not miss!

Weather in Kos Town

Kos Town has a pleasing weather and its temperature doesn’t go beyond 30 degree Celsius anytime in the whole year. Thus, if you wish you can explore great fun here as per your suitability. Summer season is the most preferred season by the visitors and thus, you can also plan your holidays as per your taste.

Top Kos Town Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Kos Town has two sandy, stretchy and clear watered beaches. They offer unique water sports for you and your kids to enjoy wonderful and fun holidays. The resort of Kos Town doesn’t disappoint you in searching worth hotels that you are looking for. The most preferred hotels in the resort are Bahamas, American Hotel, Gaja Garden, Kos Aqua Beach, Peridis Apartments and others.

Shopping Places for Kos Town Holidays Travelers

There are a variety of shops, boutiques and gift shops where you can buy holiday essential and other goods. The small streets of the old town are packed with delightful small shops where you can buy high-quality goods. The most availed items here are leather goods, jewellery, ceramics and other items.

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