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Koukounaries Holidays

Koukounaries is located on the south-western tip of Skiathos and it is only thirteen km far from the capital of Skiathos Town. It is one of the most visited places where you can go to enjoy pleasing and charming holidays. Koukounaries has most amazing and popular beach of ‘Chrisi Ammos’ that is also known as ‘golden sand’ where you can enjoy awesome holidays. Well, it gains a big amount of visitors during summer season and thus, you can visit Koukounaries anytime around the year.

Famous Koukounaries Holidays Attraction

The beach named ‘Chrisi Ammos’ is one of the major attractions for visitors where they forget their all pains and tensions of life. Moreover, the holidays in Koukounaries offer attractive resort beach that is full of fun and exercise. The lagoon of Storifilla along with a surrounding forest is also a famous visiting spot for tourists. Other attractions include neighboring beaches and small islands and a medieval village.

Weather in Koukounaries

Weather and climate is perfect for visitors, which allows them to plan their holidays anytime. The most famous time to visit the resort starts from April and ends in October and you can go to Koukounaries throughout the year.

Top Koukounaries Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The Chrisi Ammos is a famous beach of the resort that is also known as ‘golden sand’. Here you will enjoy brilliant sunshine and it shelves gently into the clear water that offers perfect conditions for children and other people to enjoy watersports. Well, if you want to find worth accommodation options, you can locate several high-end and top-notch hotels. The most popular hotels in Koukounaries include Panorama Hotel, Golden Beach, Kaiti, Lakes, Noula Apartments and so on.

Shopping Places for Koukounaries Holidays Travelers

In Koukounaries, you will find worth shopping opportunities, though you will avail gifts from small and mini-markets. Well, there is also available the bus facility that you can use to go for neighboring Skiathos Town. The popular items of the resort are leather goods, pottery, ceramics, lace and embroidered linens and other items. Well, don’t miss enjoying shopping here!

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