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Kounopetra Holidays

Kounopetra is a small tourist destination that is packed with awesome natural beauty. It is situated just 9km in south of the well-known village of Lixouri. It has worth accommodation, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other entertainment options for you that will entertain you in a good way. You will be surprised to see the resort in its modern looks while it was totally ruined in1953 by a big storm. But now, it again has gained its lost charm and has become one of the most popular vacation spot for visitors

Famous Kounopetra Holidays Attraction

Kounopetra has various holiday attractions for you and you will really take pleasure in them. There are numerous historical buildings, gardens, water parks and other attraction that are the ultimate source of true fun. When you are in Kounopetra, don’t miss the nightlife of the place that will add more fun to your holidays.

Weather in Kounopetra

Well, you don’t need to worry about weather as it is always fine and pleasing. The temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degree and thus, you will feel great relaxation here. The most popular vacation season starts here from October and lasts in April. Enjoy rocking holidays!

Top Kounopetra Holidays Beaches and Hotels

 Kounopetra has a lovely, golden sandy and eye-catching beach that offers visitors a variety of water sports. You will gain true fun here and your holidays in Kounopetra will be full of fun for you. There are several top-notch hotels for you that offer essential facilities to add more charm in your holidays. You can stay at any hotels that will serve you in an excellent way.

Shopping Places for Kounopetra Holidays Travelers

There are numerous shops for you, though shopping is not available at a big scope in Kounopetra. You can buy holiday essentials, leather goods, handmade gift items, silver jewellery, colorful ceramics and other items. Don’t forget buying something for your relatives!

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