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Kovalam Holidays

Are you looking for a worth Indian place to enjoy your holidays there? Kovalam is the right choice for you where you can plan your family holidays to enjoy it in exceptional ways. It is a beach resort that is located on the Arabian Sea in Kerala that is a south Indian state. It is situated only 13 km from the downtown Thriuvannthapuram. You will really appreciate the resort as it is filled with awesome natural beauty.

Famous Kovalam Holidays Attraction

Kovalam as known as a fishing village before some years and now, it has become the most visited and lovely location in Kerala that attracts the visitors very much. The golden sandy beach is what has made it popular among the visitors from all over the world. The lovely sunset scene and other attractions also have made it a worth place to enjoy holidays in wonderful and rocking ways.

Weather in Kovalam

Weather is always cool and nice in Kovalam. It enjoys around 300 sunny days and thus, it is the most popular place for sun-seekers. Don’t miss visiting Kovalam that is open to you throughout the year.

Top Kovalam Holidays Beaches and Hotels

 Kovalam boasts a lovely beach that is not far from the main village. The beach is covered y palm, coconut and other trees that make it really outstanding. The hotels of Kovalam offer you all facilities along with worth accommodation. The most visited hotels in the resort include Taj Green Cove Resort, The Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach, Hotel Jasmine Palace, Moonlight Tourist Home and others.

Shopping Places for Kovalam Holidays Travelers

Kovalam will satisfy your thirst of shopping, if you love to shop different items. Well, you can buy here holiday essentials, local items, embroidered linens, T-shirts, jewellery, handmade items and other gifts items. In fact, it will be full of fun for you! Hence, buy something to keep it as the memories of the place!

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