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Kriopigi Holidays

Kriopigi is situated on the cape of Kassandra of Halkidiki and it takes only a couple of minutes in reaching here from Thessaloniki. It is built on a green hill and thus, it is called as the paradise for the visitors.  When you stand at top, you can see the lovely views of the Gulf of Kassandra. The area has several historical monuments that are the attraction points for the visitors to visit the place. Its beaches have been awarded two blue flags in 1991 and thus, you will enjoy rocking holidays here.

Famous Kriopigi Holidays Attraction

The resort of Kriopigi has plenty of attractions for you that will win your heart. The excellent weather, the blend of green hills and crystal clear seashore are the attractions of the resort and you will appreciate them. In the resort of Kriopigi, you will also find an ‘Educational Research and in Service Training Center’ that offers Dr. Erhart and Sofia Ziegler. It is a meeting place for tutors and pedagogues from all over the world and thus, it is known as the landmark of the place.

Weather in Kriopigi     

Kriopigi has a Mediterranean climate that enjoys hot summer season and light winter season. The average temperature of the resort moves between 18 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius and thus, you will enjoy pleasing holidays here anytime. The resort also has nearly 300 days of sunshine per year.

Top Kriopigi Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Kriopigi have been awarded blue flag award for their beauty and cleanliness. You will find them neat and clear even when there is peak visiting season. There are plenty of hotels in the resort that offer you several facilities. The popular hotels in the resort are Kassandra Bay Hotel, Palladium Hotel, Pighi Hotel, Poseidon View Hotel, Kriopigi Beach Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places in Kriopigi
Though it is village, you will find here limited shopping options. If you want to buy some more things to keep them as reminder of the place, you can visit its nearby resorts that have various shops for you. Don’t forget shopping here that will be a fun work for you. Enjoy a pleasing holiday tour to Kriopigi!

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