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Lambi Holidays

Lambi beach resort is located in Kos Town and if you are searching an apt destination, Lambi is a perfect place for you. It has a harbor too that is always busy and it is just one km far from the resort of Lambi. It is well arranged sandy beach resort that offers you everything that will make your holidays amazing. There are several hotels, bars, restaurants and other attraction points for you to solve any purpose.

Famous Lambi Holidays Attraction

Lambi is famous for its natural beautiful landscapes, as well as monuments. Here, you will find lovely beach that is covered with pine trees, olive trees and lovely landscapes that will steal your heart. Well, you don’t need to miss the water sports here that are offered for the visitors to make their holidays amazing. It is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy some sunny days

Weather in Lambi

The weather of Lambi is cool and calm and it offers you perfection anytime. It enjoys nearly 300 sunny days and thus, sunseekers will find it a suitable place. The temperature moves between twenty and thirty degree Celsius and thus, you can plan your holidays anytime.

Top Lambi Holidays Beaches and Hotels

If you are thinking to find a rocking snady beach in Lambi, you are 100% right as the resort has a nice and eye-catching beach that is covered with trees. You will forget your all tensions lying on the golden sand here. Well, don’t worry to find a suitable accommodation option here, Lambi has numerous hotels for you and the top-notch hotels include Lambi Beach Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Lambi Holidays Travelers

Lambi has no big or supermarkets, however you will find here small shops that offer holiday essentials and gifts for tourists. The popular goods of Lambi are ceramics, leather goods, handmade bags, soaps of olive oil, gifts, T-shirts and other items as well. Don’t miss shopping here!

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