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Lardos Holidays

Lardos is tiny domestic village that is situated on the east coastline of Rhodes Town and it is a couple km south of Lindos that is just fifty five km far from Rhodes Town. If you want to reach to the resort of Lardos, it will take only two hours in reaching there. The beach of Lardos is only 2 km far from the central village, thus you can go there with ease. The resort offers lots of wonderful attractions for you that you can enjoy relaxing your body and soul. Evenings are also popular here that offer great enjoyment through various events. Plan a tour to Lardos!

Famous Lardos Holidays Attraction

Lardos has worth relaxing holidays for you and you can enjoy perfect holidays there. The village is only two km far from the beaches and it is famous as a charming place along with an Italian fountain located in the middle of the resort. It is the major attraction of the place that is enough popular. You can also visit Agios Taxiarchas that is a famous, ancient and attractive church with a bell tower covered by tall cypress trees. Don’t miss these attractions!

Weather in Lardos

Weather of Lardos is good and tropical. You will find the weather neither hot nor very cool. It is normal throughout the year and the resort enjoys nearly 300 sunny days. You can visit the resort from April to October and thus, you will feel better here.

Top Lardos Holidays Beaches and Hotels
The beach of Lardos is just 2 km far from the mainland of the village of Lardos and you can easily reach there. The shingle and pebbled packed beach will bring more happiness to you. If you are in search of suitable hotels here, the resort of Lardos will not dissatisfy you at all. You will find here worth hotels and the top-notch and luxury hotels include Lindian Village, Costa Lindia Beach Resort, Sunshine Hotel, Hotel Kamari Beach, Esmeralda Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places For Lardos Holidays Travelers

Lardos shopping offers holiday essentials, gifts and souvenirs. The neighbor places also allow you to enjoy shopping here. Thus, buy jewellery, leather goods and other material from here that are just perfect for you!

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