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Lindos Holidays

Lindos is known as the prettiest and loveliest resort on Rhodes that is gaining more and more name and fame for its natural sites. The glowing bay is located at the back of the village of Lindos by a hill and the views of the bay are really spectacular that will catch your attention at first sight. There are also numerous while houses in the village that look to touch the remaining parts of Acropolis located on the hill. In fact, the shingle beaches and nice water has made the resort of Lindos is much more famous in each and every matter.

Famous Lindos Holidays Attraction

Since it was a basically a village, you will find here traditional way of living that has its own and different attraction. The sandy and shingle beach is the best feature of the resort that catches the attention of the visitors very much. There are also available a lot of water sports to refresh your mind and body as well. Don’t miss these wonderful sports that are just ideal for you. In fact, the town also has numerous tourist buildings that have been left untouched for many centuries. Just go to see them!

Weather in Lindos

Weather is cool here as it enjoys tropical climate here. The resort enjoys suitable sun days that makes it a worth place for holidaymakers. The best season to visit the resort starts from April and ends in October and thus, you can go anytime to Lindos.

Top Lindos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The main sandy and shingle beaches are making the resort of Lindos famous in all over the world. You can get amazing relaxation at the golden and sandy beaches here where you can also view the flowing blue and crystal-clear water. In order to find apt accommodation options, you just need to have a look at the top-notch hotels of the place that are awaiting you to offer their best amenities. The most famous hotels in Lindos include Lindos Bay Hotel, Lindos Memories, View Apartments, Lindos Blue, Lindos Mare Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Lindos Holidays Travelers

Lindos has a great number of shops that allow you to buy lots of items. The popular items in the resort are leather goods, jewellery, ceramics and other goods as well. Enjoy shopping in Lindos!

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