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Lixouri Holidays

Lying on the Lixouri isthmus across the water from Argostoli, Lixouri is the main town of Kefalonia. The time in reaching to the town from the airport of Kefalonia is only two hours and thus, you can easily reach here. Well, it is a worth and famous resort for those who are looking for a different and fun place to enjoy holidays in exceptional way. It is a quiet resort that offers an authentic Greek atmosphere where you can relax your body and soul as well. It is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy some lazy days playing water sports with their kids and friends as well.

Famous Lixouri Holidays Attraction

Lixouri is a worth place for those who want to explore true fun and sun days at lovely and sandy beaches. It is the second biggest town in the whole islet of Kefalonia and thus, it is most explored by the visitors. You will find here numerous manmade as well as natural attractions that will catch your attention. The Lepeda beach is the core attraction of the resort and it is only a few km far from the main town.

Weather in Lixouri

The vacation season has no end in Lixouri as it is open to everyone in every season, you can freely visit here. The most visited weather in Lixouri is summer season and the vacation season starts here from October and lasts in April. Just visit the resort of Lixouri anytime.

Top Lixouri Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Lixouri offer eye-catching beaches to you where you can enjoy sunbathe and a lot of water sports. The Lepeda beach is enough famous here and here you will find crystal clear water of sea. Apart from it, Lixouri offers plenty of hotels for you and you can choose any of them. The top-notch hotels of the resorts include Summery Hotel, La Cite Hotel, Terra Mare Hotel, Kefalonia Garden Village and many more. Enjoy splendid holidays here!

Shopping Places for Lixouri Holidays Travelers

Though Lixouri shopping is not available at a big level, however you will be able to buy holiday essentials and other local items from the shops scattered in the whole resort. The most bought items from these shops are handmade lace, jewellery, embroidered linens, leather goods and soaps made from olive oil and lots of other things. Buy something from here!

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