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Los Cristianos Holidays

Located on the south coast of Tenerife, Los Cristianos is an outstanding beach resort and it is only 15 km far away form Reina Sofia Airport and you can reach there within a few minutes. Though it was unexplored before some years, it has become a famous tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. In fact, it is a famous relaxing place for British travelers who want to get rid of chilly winter season here!

Famous Los Cristianos Holidays Attraction
Lying on the southwest coastline of Tenerife, the mind-blowing resort of Los Cristianos has many more attractions for you! The stunning golden beach is the attraction of the resort and this sand has been brought here from the famous Sahara Desert. Though the beaches are lovely and silent, you must mind the fact that it is the Atlantic Ocean and you can feel here the burly under currents. Numerous water sports including jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boating, sailing and diving attract the visitors naturally. In the middle of the several attractions on the islet is Siam Park, a newly opened water park with flora and fauna as well as water rides.

Weather in Los Cristianos

The comfy weather has made it more and more popular! It enjoys charming weather throughout the year. The most visited season here is winter season when you can wear woolen in evening and enjoy light cold there!

Top Los Cristianos Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There can be found numerous famous hotels and apartments in Los Cristianos that offer you amazing facilities. The most famous hotels of the resort include Victoria Court, Los Alisios, Chipeque, Hotel Paradise Park Resort and Spa. You can also enjoy the spa facilities near the sandy beaches! The sandy beaches enable you to enjoy numerous water activities without any hassle!

Shopping Places for Los Cristianos Holidays Travelers

The shopping is tax free here! This is the most important feature that forces the visitors to buy lots of items. There are numerous boutiques and special gift shops. Apart from these shops, there is held a Sunday market from where you can buy ideal and cheap gift items!

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