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Lxia Holidays

Lying on the south-west coastline of Rhodes Town, the resort of Ixia is enough famous for its eye-catching sceneries. It is considered as the most successful and popular resort on the whole island and thus, the tourists like to visit the resort from time to time. It is also close to the airport and it helps the visitors to save their time in reaching to the resort from town. The long and lovely beaches have made the resort of Ixia more and more popular and thus, you can find here peace of mind. Go to Ixia once to rock the world of fun!

Famous Ixia Holidays Attraction

Lxia has numerous attractions for British holidaymakers who want to enjoy their holidays in different mood. The hotels of the resort offer the best accommodation on the entire island and also an array of leisure facilities to make their holidays wonderful. The golden beach and lovely flowing blue water removes the tensions from the minds of the visitors and thus, they can enjoy better holidays there.

Weather in Ixia

Lying on the island, the weather and climate of Ixia is perfect for holidaymakers. They can visit the resort anytime as per their suitability. The most preferred time to visit the resort starts from March and ends in November. This time, you will find here suitable temperature that ranges from twenty degree to thirty degree.

Top Ixia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Shingle, pebbled packed and golden beaches are the major attraction for tourists who come to Ixia. They can enjoy several water sports nearby the beaches and thus, they can keep themselves fresh. The most popular tourist destination also has worth accommodation facilities along with several hotels. The top-notch and luxury hotels in Ixia are Atlantica Princess Hotel, Pine Tress Hotel, Olympic Palace Hotel, Hilton Rhodes and many more. Book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Ixia Holidays Travelers

Though Ixia has a wide range of shops, it can’t compete with Rhodes Town that has ample chances for shopping. You can buy here local items and holiday essentials. If you want to buy something innovative and attractive items, just take a bus and go to Rhodes Town where you will find whatever you want. Don’t forget buying something from Ixia!

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