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Lygia Holidays

Lygia is a perfect and tranquil resort that is located on the south of Lefkas Town on the eastern coastline of Lefkas. It is known as a small fishing village that was known for its natural beauty and cultural way of living. You can also view the fortress dedicated to St.George that is located in the mainland. It has only one street that is covered with small shops and gift shops where you can buy some gifts for your relatives.

Famous Lygia Holidays Attraction

Being a beautiful island of Lefkas, Lygia is gaining more and more popularity in the whole world. It mainland is filled with various natural and manmade attractions, such as the fortress of St.George and others. It is really a simple and worth place to relax your mind and body as well. Numerous shingle and pebble coves are adding more charm in the place. Lots of bars, restaurants, shops, and boutiques are scattered in the whole town for your sake. It is full of attraction for those who are willing to spend some days walking through wooded slopes of cypress and olive trees.

Weather in Lygia

The weather and climate of Lygia is tropical and it enjoys ample sun days per year. The sun seekers will find it a worth place for their holidays. The holiday season starts here from April and ends in October when temperature doesn’t go beyond thirty degree.

Top Lygia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The shingle and pebble beaches of the resort of Lygia have made it popular among the holidaymakers. You can enjoy great holidays at its shining beaches that have crystal clear water. The resort also boasts of several unique and top-notch hotels, some of the popular hotels are Aris Villas hotel, and so on. You can book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Lygia Holidays Travelers

Lygia has a number of mini-markets and several small shops that deal in holiday essentials and gifts as well. You can buy here tasty ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods, soaps made from olive oil and many more. If you want to enjoy some great quality shopping, Lefkas Town is quite near where you can quench your thirst of shopping. Just have a happy tour!

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