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Mahdia Holidays

Mahdia is one of the most attractive and coastal city of Tunisia that is located on south of Monastir and southeast of Sousse. It is the famous regional centre north of Sfax. It was established by the Fatmids under the Caliph Abdallah al-Mahdi during 19th century and it was made the capital city of Ifriqiya. If you are willing to any Tunisian city, it is the worth place where you can visit to explore more and more fun as per your capacity.

Famous Mahdia Holidays Attractions

The city of Mahdia offers plenty of attractions for its visitors so that they can enjoy some amazing days there. The attractions of the city include old mosques, historical buildings, national parks and a lot more places. The most famous mosque in the city is Central Mosque that is known as the Great Mosque, it will tell you the saga of tenth century. Visitors who are enough interested in formal exhibitions to gain the knowledge about history, they can visit Mahdia’s archaeological museum that is the best destination for them. Another famous sightseeing in the city is the Skifa el-Kahla that stands near the museum.

Weather in Mahdia

The weather of the city is something hot during summer season and it is cool during winter season and thus, you won’t face any hassle in visiting the city anytime. The famous beach is also ready to let you enjoy sitting near the seashore under the sunshine. Well, it is a matter of your choice when you want to visit the place!

Top Mahdia Holidays Hotel & Beaches

The city of Mahdia offers plenty of hotels for you where you can stay with your family and friends to enjoy some days. The most famous hotels in the city include Hotel Riu El Mansour, El Mouradi Cap Mahdia, Mahdia Palace, hotel Thalassa Mahdia, LTI Mahdia Beach, Residence Dar Sidi and many more. You can also stay near the beaches!

Shopping Places for Mahdia Holidays Travelers

Mahdia is an awesome place for visiting and shopping. The travelers can find the goods of their choices at quite reasonable rates. If you want to visit the food market, the best place to visit is the fish market. Travelers can avail here the fresh fishes and octopi as well to enjoy the local cuisines.

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