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Maiori Holidays

Maiori was once a famous and well-settled town situated on the Amalfi coastline and now, it has turned its condition as a public and family beach resort. It is serving people with its lots of attractive places that are true fun to you. Maiori is the heaven for those who want to enjoy hills along with the broad seashore that has eye-catching and remarkable beaches. Visit the resort of Maiori once in your life!

Famous Maiori Holidays Attraction

Maiori has a rich treasure of attractions for its visitors that they can use for during their holiday enjoyment. It attracts its visitors with its lovely beaches that have ultimate views for them. In fact, the nightlife, hotels, bars, restaurants and lovely tiny shops are also the major attractions of the place. Other attractions of the place include museums, water parks and other buildings.


Weather in Maiori

The resort or Maiori pleases everyone with its comfortable weather. You will find normal weather throughout the year and thus, you don’t need to think when to visit the resort. However, the visiting season starts from April and ends in November.

Top Maiori Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Maiori will be exceptional beach resort for you as it has nice and lovely beaches. You can play various types of water sports that offer great pleasure to you and remove your worries. Moreover, the resort also boasts lovely and pleasing hotels here and the luxurious and top-notch hotels of the resort are Hotel San Francesco, Sole Hotel, Sole Splendid Hotel, Residence Hotel Panoramic, Hotel San Pietro and many more. Don’t forget to book your hotel during peak season.

Shopping Places for Maiori Holidays Travelers

If you are crazy to buy something for your kith and kin, you can buy different items from here. The small shops and mini-markets of the resort deal in jewellery, gifts, holiday essentials and other items as well. Enjoy shopping here that is true and exciting fun work for you!

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