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Makunudu Island Holidays

Makunudu Island is positioned in the North Male' Atoll of the Maldives. Fifty five minutes speediness boat journey from the Male' worldwide Airport (Hulhule) will convey you to this island where large palm trees affect in the lukewarm steamy breeze and the sandy washed-out beaches astonish your eyes in the sun.

Famous Makunudu Island Holidays Attractions

The gemstone clear lagoon adjoining the island of Makunudu offers unrestricted options for enjoyment. Basically lying on the beach is enjoyable. Laze around in the sun is no less pleasurable. But the Riya Water Sports Centre on Makunudu recommends you the opportunity to take best benefits of these blessings of nature. Catamaran sailing, windsurfing, sailing trips, and water sailing trips on traditional conventional are all part of the programme at the riya water sports center.
Understanding fishing trips and trip some virgin islands, harmonized by beach barbecue or sketch excursions to former islands and fishing village, snorkelling trips, sunset fishing, dolphin watching, picnic on a desolate tract island, full moon roast and trip to the capital island - Male'.

Top Makunudu Island Holidays Beaches and Restaurants

On top of the complete the beach is very good. Although it is broken down up by groynes, these are positioned and considered one by one, and thus are not intrusive. The reef is also good, its odd figure giving augment to a assortment of underwater environment. The watersports and lunge centres are proficient, friendly and well amassing. Compose culinary discoveries. At Ara Iru, which means growing Sun, experience the restaurants interesting cuisine, both east and west, displayed with luxurious buffets of meats, fish and adhesive fruits.

Each day at lunch, you have a great buffet table loaded with an assorted range of foods to decide from. Each Tuesday evening a grill Buffet is alleged to give you an even wider choice, together with nice meat or clean fish grilled to the level of you’re desire.

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